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Influence of computer in our daily life

                             Every one loves Influence of computer in our daily life. we spend many hour spending time with the computer for playing games, chatting with others, studying, finding the places, doing researches, and entertainment. computer is a invention it has more advantages over disadvantages . With the help of computers we communicate people all over the world easily simply say the world is comes in out hands. We need to purchase any product in all over the world we can purchase the things in our home it self we order through internet or through phone call we get the product to our home. We need to travel to any place we can book the journey tickets using net to book it. To know the culture of peoples we can easily see them in  computer it will show the cultures clearly. we need to study any subject the books are all now in computers we don't need to go to library maximum books are in internet we sit in the comfort of room and study them. Every things become easy by using the computer 
Influence of computer in our daily life

Playing Games

                                    Now a days every one are playing games mostly children play most of the time. The games are of all age group they are action games,  simulations games, real-time strategy games,  puzzle games, racing games, educational games, multiplayer games  and adventure games 

Action Games

                                     This games are faster moving games you need to fight with the enemy and do the mission as instructed by the game.

Simulations Sames

                                      This is like a real world appliances we are trained in this simulations and easily handle the real instruments. to practice car driving we use the driving simulation and we can easily practice the car driving and drive the real car sooner.

Real-time Strategy Games

                                        This games are similar to strategy games the places are like real world and this games are more attractive games

Puzzle Games

                                         This games are brain developing games this games are arranging or finding the missed ones and have some action 

Racing Games
                                           This games are racing games it has tracks number of opponents and more levels

 Multiplayer Games

                                            This games are play with more people using lan or internet. In a single game more number of people participate 

Adventure Games 

                                             This games are adventures games to play this games we need to find the mission and complete the mission


                                              Unknown peoples get known people through computer and share their relationships. Now a days indian boy or girl friend with american is possible by using computer only. Merges of two different country persons is done by using the internet is possible in now a days. By using call conference people are communicating with more persons with similar idea is possible. sports events are all seen by many persons in same time and communicating with each other is possible by using computers. If we need a help we can get through to chatting easily.. 


                                                For studying computer plays a main roll the unknown portions are clearly given in internet. on anything we not known is typed in computer we can see the immages of it and have a article about it for some things we have video to explain the things. To study higher computer oriented training are available now the portions are in video tutorial formats  


 Finding The Places

                                                 Now a day finding the places is very easy with the help of computer we can find the product available places easily and cheaper price items are identified easily. find the address of other person is very  simple and easy with the help of google map we can find it clearly and go by which menace of vehicle also chose.we move to other city we can book the ticket and lodges using the computers 


                                                   In entertainment most of the creations are done using computer. The musics are done with the help of computer most of the editing works are done with the help of computers  graphics and animations are done by using computers. now the movies are play using computers the 3d movies are taken with the help of computers the entertainment world is dependent up on the computer

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Computer Buying Guide - little known facts about computer

Computer Buying Guide

                                                                                        Now a days every one have a desktop for they update or replace the computer. Computer buying guide is helpful to select write component to their computer. lots of electronic things are used by people like laptop mobile phone and tablet. But desktop is very essential big screen is very us full in software usages, game playing and  movie watching. we can customize the desktop by choose high and latest processor and motherboard for less price than laptop the configuration is flexible we customize as per our requirement it is fixed in room so use laptop for mobile purpose. before buying we consider our requirement for that we buy branded or assembled computer.
Computer Buying Guide
For gamer the latest processor is required to play advanced games some software required latest processor required to boost the performance and reduce the time of operation  latest videos are viewed using high quality video card and display required. latest software and games also required high video quality. The assembled computer  we use latest video card and buy latest video display   
The desktop the operating system we can put according to the requirement windows is mostly preferred put the latest or some other older versions also we can put to our latest system some operating system is required by the user for their software usage.
Among desktop laptop and tablet.Desktop is not movable and used in fixed place laptop is similar to desktop, mobility is super easy all futures are available like usb vgapin audio output and other pins are available in laptop in desktop for mixing video and audio jacks are available 16 channel outputs is also available 7.1 audio output is available. tablet everything is user friendly for heavy usage desktop is better thing the out puts are limited in tablet screan size is smaller comparing to laptop and desktop. For mobile use tablet is best

Assembled Desktop

                                                       Assembled desktop is the combination of parts that are purchased in shop and assembled together in computer cases the mother board is separate element and we choose verity of brands in this according to the performance, readability and cost which processor is put in this mother board how many ram slot is required all we select in mother board selection. storage deceive we go for more number of hard disks we install in desk top solid state hard disk also we can provide to increase the speed of the desktop. liquid cooling system or air cooled system we can provide to desktop liquid cooling is more good . keyboard mouse all selected for high end usage. big screen or small screen according to the wish we can purchase . 

 Branded Desktop

                                           In this desktop all are come in installed way we choose according to the requirement. The system configuration is visible to u select to write configuration to you

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                         Laptops Buying Guide - How to Buy the Right Laptop-Little Known Facts About Laptops  Buying. cheep price or best size In this buying guide, we tell you what to look for in a laptop computers. Here are things to consider before you buy we tell you what to look for in a laptop computers. Selection of laptop computer according to portability or mobile use to cheep price with best configurations.  

Laptops Size:

                       Laptops are smaller than desktop PCs.  From time to time since Generally speaking  in fact occupying less space mobility in handling.
At a small apartment, malls, airports, working place, schools, collages, car, bus, train, training halls, seminars,  and student dorms. The sizes are 10”, 11.1”, 12.1”, 13.3”, 14.1”, 15”, 15.4”, 17” & 18.4". In the first place again 14.1" & 15.4 as a matter of fact
laptop size

Low power consumption:

                    Laptops are several times more power-efficient than desktops. A typical laptops uses 20–120 W, compared to 100–800 W for desktops. This could be particularly beneficial for businesses
(which run hundreds of personal computers, multiplying the potential savings)
And homes where there is a computer running 24/7
(such as a home media server, print server, etc.)
In other words laptops notably in fact low power consuming devise.


                  Laptops are quieter in operation  Laptops are generates less sound than desktops. Quite Cooling system. Hard disk produce less noise operation and the cooling fans are also noise less operation. In like manner all in one also likewise quieter in operation


                Laptops has a built in battery.
Laptops works without power in battery backup.
But a desktop need ups to work computer without power.
for short time used to save the work files and need to shut down the computer. Ups required more space and expensive.


               Portable design, like a laptops, touch screen is also with some devise .
Designed to be portable, laptops have everything integrated into the chassis. System screen, keyboard, mouse speakers all are separate and connected together by means of wire.

Classification of laptops:

               Laptops are classified according to some special characteristics such as size, usage, performance And capacity.


               Laptop are classified according to size they are three type. As can be seen in fact by and large - Small, normal & big size laptops.

Smaller size Laptops :

               Smaller size Laptops :10”,11.1”& 13” these laptops are very much useful for traveling & mobile usage

Normal size laptops:

               Normal size laptops are 14” & 15.4” usages

Big size laptops:

                Laptops are  17” & 18.4 big size ”. Big screen efforts required to show big presentation, photo works, cad usage & graphical usage required Big size laptops.


Influence of computer in our daily life                              Every one loves Influence of computer in our daily life. we spend m...